Mobile Phone Signal Booster


Our newest product is Cel-Fi Go mobile phone booster for your car, truck and vehicle whenever you are in the outback or away from reliable mobile connectivity.

We also offer a home version of the signal booster by PowerTec - Cel-Fi Pro. If you are looking for a mobile phone booster and signal repeater, please contact us now!

Maranoa Mechanical can help you with mobile phone reception issues. We offer Cel-Fi GO Smart Signal Repeater - your mobile solution for 3G/4G voice and data coverage issues.

Providing up to 70dB of signal gain - 30x more powerful than a standard antenna/cradle set-up, Cel-Fi GO mobile signal amplifier helps you get vital information while unconditionally protecting the mobile network.

Read more information in the brochures for both options - Cel-FI GO and Cel-Fi Pro. Please let us know which one is the right fit for you and book in online to get you sorted.

Benefits of Cel-Fi GO:

  • Provides mobile coverage in your vehicle: when you install Cel-Fi GO inside your car, you no longer need to stop or drive looking for that particular spot, simpoly to be able to make and receive mobile phone calls.
  • Increases mobile data network download/upload speeds: most often, low signal is the cause of slow internet speeds on your mobile device. When you rely on mobile internet, inability to confidently acces email and browse internet can be cause of great frustration. Cel-Fi GO amplifies the aviable LTE/HSPA mobile signal and increases your data speeds dramatically, up to 4x improvement for your email, internet, video and social networking needs (note: 4G/LTE bands can only be utilised for data. Calls are possible only if both phone and local network support Voice over LTE).
  • Extends mobile phone battery life: cell phones drain the battery more rapidly in poor signal areas, since the phone is forced to boost the poor signal, while using a lot more energy. Using Cel-Fi GO, your indoor mobile signal should be high, leading to longer lasting battery.
  • Eliminates dropped or missed calls: providing improved coverage in your vehicle Cel-Fi GO allows you to be contacted when required. No longer will you need to miss or lose an important call due to low coverage or while on the move.
  • Improves voice quality: voice quality is often determined by phone's signal strength and nearby interference. When the signal inside your car is boosted by Cel-FI GO, the voices are crystal clear and strong.

Please see some sample videos of using the Cel-Fi by Maranoa Mechanical head mechanic Brad.

Cel Fi GO booster installation by Maranoa Mechanical in St George QLD

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